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  • Rank: General. GCB GCSI
  • Force: Bombay Staff Corps, Indian Army
  • VC Won: Kam Dakka, Afghan War, 21 April 1879
  • Born: Cahirbane, Co.Clare, Ireland on 2 April 1848
  • Died: South Kensington, London, 9 August 1923
  • Location of VC: National Army Museum, London
  • Grave: East Sheen Cemetery, Grave number 193, Section B.

Accounts of Deeds

Sir Garrett O'Moore Creagh had been ordered to take a detachment of 150 men to protect Kam Dakka, on the Kabul River, against a threatened incursion of the Mohmands during the Afghan War. He had to repel an attack by about 1500 of the enemy.

The inhabitants of Kam Dakka joined with the Mohmands and Captain Creagh's force was compelled to retire, so he took up a position in a cemetery and held it, repulsing repeated attacks with the bayonet, until a relief force arrived. The enemy was finally routed, and many of them were driven into the river.

Updated: 08 July 2016

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