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Family history information from the cemetery registers

You may be interested to know that the information from the cemetery registers is now available to view online.

The cemeteries managed by the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames are listed below: Burial information is available from the date shown up to the present.

Cemeteries managed by the Council
Cemetery details Information from:
Richmond Cemetery, Grove Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 5BJ 1876
East Sheen Cemetery, Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 5BJ 1901
Twickenham Cemetery, Hospital Bridge Road, Whitton, TW2 6LD 1868
Teddington Cemetery, Shacklegate Lane, Teddington, TW11 8SF 1879
Hampton Cemetery, Hollybush Lane, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2QS 1879
Old Mortlake Burial Ground, Avenue Gardens, Mortlake, SW14 8BP 1909

There are some older records for the Richmond Cemetery which relate to the closed area of the grounds.These records are not available using the online search facility. Please contact the cemetery office if you believe the burial took place in Richmond Cemetery between 1839 and 1876, and we will check our records manually for you. The area is not accessible for visitors, we have no grave location maps, and it is now maintained as a nature conservation area.

Any burials before the above dates are likely to have taken place in local Church grounds, and you will need to contact individual churches for information. Our page on licensed religious buildings may help with some contact details:

If you cannot locate the burial record in any of the Richmond borough cemeteries, you may like to visit an external online register at which will give you the contact details of over 900 cemetery and crematorium operators, and over 3000 cemeteries and burial grounds:

As there are over 140,000 records for the Richmond borough on our computer system, and as the information is taken from very old registers, they may contain some errors. Please let us know if you find any incorrect information, and we will change it. Some older entries have initials only, and we are working to add the full names onto the system, but this will take time.

For this reason, it is advisable to search only on the required surname and not to select any other options. All people with that surname will be displayed on the search page. You can then select the person you are interested in from the list. If you click on their name, this will take you to another page showing more details of that person, including anyone else buried in the same grave.

If the grave is showing other unrelated people, it could mean that the grave was not purchased by the family and, if so, there will be no memorial to mark the grave.

If you would like to visit the cemetery to see the precise location of any grave you have found, then you can download a section map for free from the Richmond and East Sheen Cemetery page, the Twickenham Cemetery page and the Teddington Cemetery page. There are no section maps available for either Hampton Cemetery or the Old Mortlake Burial Ground.

If you would then like to find the precise location of any grave within Richmond, East Sheen, Twickenham or Teddington cemeteries, you can find out how to purchase a map from the online burial search page or from our information page

Each map requires 1 map credit. The minimum number of credits you can buy is one. However, you can purchase credits in larger bundles offering even better value for money. The bundles are

  • 1 for £3
  • 5 for £9
  • 10 for £12
  • 30 fr £23

You can access the online burial search here and the map purchase here.

There are no section maps available for either Hampton Cemetery or the Old Mortlake Burial Ground.

Updated: 24 August 2020

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