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Our housing strategies set out the goals we wish to achieve for our residents and the approach we will take to achieve them.

Richmond Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2021-26

Our Housing and Homelessness Strategy sets out the plans for housing for the period 2021 to 2026. The Housing and Homelessness Strategy is organised into four key themes:

  1. Addressing housing market pressures, preventing homelessness and increasing housing options: Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2021-2026
  2. Delivering affordable homes; new supply and redevelopment of existing social housing stock
  3. Ensuring good quality homes; providing choice, standards and quality for renters
  4. Supporting the needs of vulnerable residents, working with care and support services to provide quality housing options


Richmond Tenancy Strategy 2019

Our Tenancy Strategy outlines the Council’s position with regard to the type, duration and renewal of tenancies available to registered providers in the Borough.  It also sets out the Council’s policy position on Affordable Rent.

View the Tenancy Strategy 2019 (pdf, 255 KB)

Intermediate Housing Policy Statement 2017

Our Intermediate Housing Policy Statement outlines the position with regards to:

  1. The prioritisation of applicants for intermediate housing
  2. The income eligibility range for applicants to intermediate housing schemes in the Borough
  3. The role of Registered Providers in providing Intermediate Housing in the Borough

See the Intermediate Housing Policy Statement 2017 (pdf, 89 KB)

Earlier housing strategies and policies

Earlier strategies remain relevant to guide current policies and work.

More about our earlier strategies and policies

Updated: 12 April 2021

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