Housing development

We work in partnership with Registered Providers (RPs), housing developers and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to develop new affordable homes. You can view a list of completed developments.

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How we work

We support affordable housing development through our Housing Capital Programme. The Programme includes a pot of money set aside for improving affordable housing provision in the borough. This money is provided by a number of sources including Section 106 financial contributions, New Homes Bonus and prudential borrowing. The Programme also receives grant funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA). Most new affordable homes are provided by the Mayor of London's Affordable Housing Programme.

Our Housing Capital Programme also works to reduce overcrowding problems, by helping Registered Providers (RPs) to extend existing social housing. We work closely with RPs and share information at our Housing Association Forum, which meets regularly.

Key achievements

  • From 2010 to March 2015, 490 new affordable homes were provided in the borough. These homes were delivered through a combination of new build schemes (such as those at Lower Richmond Road, Strand Drive, Third Cross Road, Becketts Wharf and Sandy Lane) and the purchase of properties on the open market, for use as affordable homes
  • 78 new affordable homes were completed in 2015/16 and a further 82 homes are expected to be completed in 2016/17. These are located around the borough on a variety of small sites

These figures are different to those prepared for statutory planning monitoring. You can read a full explanation of the difference in our Authority’s Monitoring Report (Section CP15 - Affordable housing)(pdf, 1366KB).

Shaping our vision

Our work is informed by a number of key strategies, which help us identify local housing need and provide affordable housing solutions. We aim to ensure that those living or working in the borough get initial priority when new shared ownership homes are sold.

These include:


To find out more about affordable housing development, or to discuss upcoming affordable housing schemes contact Paul Bradbury:

Telephone: 020 8891 7446
Email: paul.bradbury@richmond.gov.uk

Updated: 15 December 2017