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Grants and discounts to keep warm

You may be able to get help to make energy saving improvements to your home.


If you get certain benefits or are aged 60 or over and on a low income, you may be eligible for a Coldbusters Grant.

This is a locally funded grant for homeowners and private tenants that can potentially provide the following measures, subject to funding:

  • Central heating
  • New boilers
  • Loft insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Heating improvements
  • Draught proofing

To make an application or find out more call freephone 0800 118 2327 or email

Free home assessments

If you're over 65 or have a long term health condition such as asthma or diabetes, you can benefit from a free home assessment. We have commissioned energy saving experts Thinking Works to come and tell you what you can do to make your home warm and cosy and to help you to stay healthy and well.

During the home visit, Thinking Works may be able to help with some things immediately or make a referral on your behalf. They can help with:

  • free small energy and water saving measures such as radiator reflector panels, draught proofing and water saving shower heads
  • advice on free walks and other exercise opportunities in the borough
  • free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms if required
  • free specialist advice on lowering your heating bills whilst keeping warm
  • benefits check
  • advice on keeping healthy and well in winter

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to get grants for heating, insulation and boiler repairs.

Find out more about the free home assessment service (pdf, 1.2 MB).

For more information, telephone Thinking Works on 0800 118 2327 or email

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a scheme which aims to remove the upfront cost of making energy efficiency improvements in your home to reduce your bills.

Many energy saving measures are covered by the scheme and you can be repaid through the predicted savings you make on your utility bills.

More about The Green Deal

Renewable energy

You can find comprehensive advice and information about renewable energy systems which may help toward savings on energy costs by visiting Energy Saving Trust.

Feed in tariffs

Did you know that you could be making money from the electricity generated by your own renewable technology installation?

Visit Energy Saving Trust for more information.

Other financial help

Updated: 31 August 2023

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