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Apply for a Local Assistance Scheme grant

The Local Assistance Scheme provides payments to help residents who have nowhere else to turn in difficult circumstances.

Use this form to apply for a Local Assistance Scheme grant.


You MUST read all of the information on this page before beginning your application.

Failure to do so could result in mistakes and a delay processing your application.

Before you start

You may be able to get a grant if you are a resident of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and are in receipt of welfare benefits.

What you can apply for

  • Essential household items - If awarded white goods you will not be given a choice and you cannot pay to upgrade items. You will be awarded a basic level item, e.g. cooker or fridge from our local suppliers.
  • Crisis awards -We are only able to help with food and baby essentials in an emergency. We do not issue cash, payments to help with rent or deposits and we do not replace furniture or white goods.

Application criteria

Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16 or over
  • Normally resident in the London Borough of Richmond
  • Do not have savings exceeding £600
  • Have not received a grant under the scheme for the item/service you are applying for within the past 12 months
  • Unable to meet the need through any other source
  • Subject to serious hardship which might affect your health and safety

You will need

Your information, and supporting proofs, to back up your application. You can either upload these to the form or send by post or email.

  • Proof of ID for all members of household e.g. passport, driving licence
  • Proof of address e.g. tenancy agreement, utility letter
  • Proof of benefits e.g. award letters
  • Last 3 months bank statements for all accounts held
  • Proof of any savings

Please send copies of proofs, along with your form reference number, by either post or email. We will not return original documents.

Local Assistance Scheme
Civic Centre
44 York Street


Help with your application

If you need help with your application you can get in touch with these organisations:

If you are not entitled to a grant from the Local Assistance Scheme one of these organisations could assist you to access local charities (if you are eligible).

What happens next

  • You will receive a confirmation email, and if you have not already submitted them, must then send all necessary proofs, as your application cannot proceed until these have been received.
  • We must receive them within 10 working days.

Crisis grants

Crisis grant applications will be processed within 5 working days and a Processing Officer will telephone you to let you know of the outcome.

If a grant is awarded it will only be valid for 3 working days from the date of issue. If it is not collected it will be cancelled and will not be re-issued.

Local Assistance Scheme (non-crisis) applications

These will be processed within 10 days and a decision letter will be sent to you.

Awards will be made in the form of referrals to local suppliers.

If you are awarded with a Local Assistance Scheme grant you may be asked to provide receipts to show you have bought the items your grant was awarded for. Please ensure you keep your receipts.

You may receive an unannounced visit or be asked to provide photographs to check you have the items awarded or required in your home.

For information about your application or about the Local Assistance Scheme please email Unfortunately we are not able to accept telephone enquiries.

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Updated: 01 November 2022

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