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The Environment Agency is responsible for maintaining or improving the quality of fresh, marine, surface and underground water in England and Wales.

Water pollution

The Environment Agency aim is to prevent or reduce the risk of water pollution wherever possible, and to ensure that it gets cleaned up if pollution occurs that might lead to effects on ecosystems and or people.

To complain about the quality of a water course and to report a pollution incident you can ring the Environment Agency on their 'Pollution Hotline' 0800 807060.

Drinking water

Thames Water supplies drinking water in the borough. To ensure that the drinking water is safe, Thames Water carry out an ongoing comprehensive monitoring programme.

The results of this monitoring programme and other general information regarding drinking water quality available via the Thames Water 24 hour Customer Care Centre on 0845 9200 800 or report issues to Thames Water online.

Updated: 16 May 2024

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