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Helping schools with air pollution

Resources for schools to tackle air pollution:

London Schools Air Pollution Helpdesk

A free resource funded by the Mayor of London has been launched to provide support to London schools concerned about air pollution in and around their premises. The helpdesk can be contacted via phone, text or email and provides   several services, including:

  • Advice on improving air quality in and around your school, including to reduce traffic outside your school gate
  • Help to develop a bespoke clean air action plan and (resources = new bullet point)
  • A wealth of resources including those to support teaching air quality in the curriculum
  • Information about funding opportunities and support to write funding applications

More information about the helpdesk and how to contact them can be found on the London Schools Pollution Helpdesk webpage.

Clean Air for Schools Framework

One of the resources provided in conjunction with the Schools pollution helpdesk is a free online tool to help you to create a tailored clean air action plan to tackle air pollution in and around your school. The Clean Air for Schools Framework is designed to help your school to:

  • Reduce air pollution from your school operations
  • Work with local partners to improve air quality in your area
  • Tackle air pollution at the school gate, including the school run
  • Educate the next generation to help them make cleaner air choices

The Framework is easy to set up by answering some survey questions about your school and selecting some suitable actions, for example those that can be done in tandem with an existing programme such as STARS, and/or will have the biggest impact. The resulting Clean Air Action Plan will provide useful resources, advice and case studies.

For more information about the Framework visit the Clean Air for Schools Framework website where you can also register to create your own Action Plan.

Schools and nurseries Air Quality Forum

The Schools and Nurseries Air Quality Forum is for London schools, nurseries and local authorities who want to improve air quality in and around their educational institutions. The Forum meets once a term and offers the opportunity for members to learn about and discuss related topics, and to troubleshoot air quality actions.

If you do not already have a representative at the Forum and would like to join, you can contact the School’s Team.

Updated: 20 May 2022

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