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Voluntary surrender of foods

We sometimes receive information that product(s) are unfit for human consumption or otherwise unsafe due to contravention of food or associated legislation. We take such matters seriously and take appropriate action to remove such foodstuffs from the market. 

Types of unsafe foods

This includes foods that:

  • May be contaminated by microorganisms or allergens
  • May be exposed to chemicals
  • Are of themselves or contain illegal ingredients
  • Are incorrectly labelled or which have not followed due process, such as non-compliance with importation regulations


Where it is essential for our officers to ensure food safety by removing products from the market, we may charge a fee of £155 for overseeing surrender of the products.

Any fee incurred in arranging for the bulk destruction of the food is additional and we will recharge the full cost entailed. 

Updated: 04 April 2024

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