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Raw meat, meat products and poultry can carry Salmonella or E.Coli bacteria which cause food poisoning.

You can avoid food poisoning if you follow the following simple precautions.

Avoid cross-contamination

This is where germs are transferred from raw meat to ready-to-eat foods from equipment, surfaces, dishcloths or hands. To avoid this:

Always wash your hands:

  • after touching raw meat/poultry 
  • before touching ready-to-eat food and cooked meats
  • after going to the toilet
  • after stroking pets
  • Store raw foods separately from ready-to eat foods
  • Always use separate utensils and chopping boards for each
  • use a sanitiser to clean surfaces with a clean, dry cloth or disposable paper towels

Cook Meat and Poultry Properly

  • Never eat minced meats, including burgers and sausages, rare.
  • Ensure food is thoroughly defrosted before cooking.
  • After cooking check that the juices run clear ·
  • Ensure that poultry is piping hot throughout ·
  • Avoid stuffing cavities

Please note that traditional joints of meat (e.g. beef or lamb joints) are often served pink in the middle. Where these joint have been skewered or pierced they should be cooked throughout.

If you have any questions regarding food safety matters please contact Environmental Health.

Updated: 08 July 2016

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