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Cold weather preparedness is vital to preventing avoidable illnesses and excess winter deaths. The health impacts of cold weather are largely predictable and mostly avoidable.

Adverse Weather and Health Plan

England’s Adverse Weather and Health Plan aims to protect individuals and communities from the health effects of adverse weather and to build community resilience.

The plan offers advice that can help prepare for, alert people to, and prevent avoidable effects on health during the cold weather period (1 November to 31 March). It has guidance on keeping well and warm at home and in other settings, such as early years or care homes.

Anyone can become unwell if they get too cold. It is important to follow the guidance in the UKHSA Adverse Weather and Health Plan so that you are prepared for cold weather and can take action to keep yourself warm. There are also actions you can take to keep healthy during the cold weather.

UKHSA has created a poster covering some top tips. You can request an accessible format of this poster, and read more advice on staying well in cold weather on GOV.UK's guidance page.

Get ready for winter

The Met Office’s Weather Ready winter preparedness campaign provides lots of advice on winter travel, preparation of your home and health advice in cold weather.

Road gritting

Information on where our road gritting procedures and routes can be found is available on our road gritting pages.

Further advice

Flooding and health guidance

GOV.UK provides flooding and health advice for the public and frontline responders.

Updated: 06 November 2023

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