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Domestic Homicide Review

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A Domestic Homicide Review is carried out where a person has died as a result of abuse, violence or neglect by a relative, intimate partner or member of the same household.

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About the Domestic Homicide Review

An independent chair is commissioned to lead a review panel made up of representatives from statutory and voluntary organisations.

Together, the panel try to ensure that public bodies like social services, councils, police and other community-based organisations understand what happened that led to the death of the person and identify where responses to the situation could be improved. From this, we hope to learn all the right lessons including those which impact on how we work together. These reviews do not seek to lay blame but to consider what happened, what could have been done differently and what actions can be taken to improve responses to domestic violence situations in the future.

Guidance on Domestic Homicide Reviews is published by the Home Office.

Domestic Homicide Reviews in Richmond

We publish anonymised summary reports of Domestic Homicide Reviews in Richmond.

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Updated: 26 February 2021