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Follow these easy steps to help the environment and reduce the amount of unwanted mail that comes through your door.

Register with opt out services

The Mail Preference Service will remove your name and address from 95% of mailing lists. Registration can take up to four months to have full effect and will last until you cancel it.

You can also register with Royal Mail's door to door opt out scheme, to avoid receiving unaddressed mail. We will still be able to deliver important information to you by sending it as addressed mail through the Royal Mail.

Display a sticker

We can send you a free 'No commercial leaflets' sticker to place above or on your letterbox.

Order your sticker

Avoid joining new mailing lists

When completing consumer related forms, always tick the box to show you do not wish to receive further correspondence from these companies or other related companies.


The Telephone Preference Service is free and gives you the opportunity to opt out of receiving unsolicited calls.

Updated: 22 November 2019

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