The Building Development Team have a number of responsibilities including management of projects, client liaison and preparation of bids for funding.


  • Management of the Education Department's capital programme for buildings and sites, this includes the annual capital maintenance programme and the Primary, Secondary and Special School expansion projects to ensure the Local Authority meets its statutory duty to provide enough pupil places in the Borough
  • The Building Development Team act as the Client liaison between the school and the Design Team who are employed to manage these schemes
  • To prepare bids to central government and to record and monitor financial transactions with regard to various funding streams
  • Ensure, in partnership with schools, that net capacity, condition, suitability and energy assessment data is updated and fed into the asset management plan data and the Department for Education SCAP annual return (Schools Capacity Assessments)
  • To monitor, support and report on the implementation of the primary schools PFI project and ensure that monthly reports from the contractor are appropriately followed up in line with agreed procedures

Current projects

Development of special school provision in the borough with the expansion and relocation of Strathmore school into three sites.

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Updated: 29 September 2022

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