Becoming a childminder

Childminders play an important part in giving parents a greater choice of high quality, flexible childcare and family support packages.

How to start the process

To become a registered childminder in the Royal Borough of Kingston or London Borough of Richmond you will need to complete the following three phases:

  1. Stage 1 Briefing
  2. Stage 2 Briefing and Literacy Assessment
  3. Mandatory training

Please be advised if you do not live in either Kingston or Richmond borough you must contact your own local authority for advice on becoming a childminder.

Once you have done this if you would then like to access the training course through AfC Workforce Development you will need to attend the briefing sessions which you can book using the online form at the bottom of the page.

Before progressing

Before progressing with childminding as a career option you need to consider the following:


  • You need to take into consideration the time it will take to complete all of the mandatory training and preparation work required before you will be able to start working. This may be several months.


  • Setting up your childminding business will incur necessary financial commitments for example the mandatory training course can cost between £200 and £400.

Impact on your home and family

  • Childminding is an excellent way to work from home that incorporates the care of your own children however you need to consider the implications to your family.


  • Running your own business and maintaining good records will mean allocating time to completing the necessary paperwork (outside of time working with the children).
  • All childminders must be able to show a good level of language and literacy skills (paragraph 3.25 of The Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage).

The EYFS sets out the legal requirements relating to learning and development and safeguarding and welfare that all Ofsted registered Early Years providers are required to implement.

1) Stage 1 Briefing Session

This session will last up to 2 hours and will be held in the evening.

This session will look at:

  • The different options for registration, Ofsted or Childminder Agency
  • The role of the regulatory bodies including who needs to register and why.
  • The requirements for registration and how Ofsted or Childminder Agency will decide if you are suitable to register as a childminder.
  • The legal requirements for registration.
  • The specific requirements for learning and development and for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare as set out in The Statutory Framework for the EYFS.
  • The maximum number of children a registered childminder may look after.
  • An outline of the options available for training.

2) Stage 2 Briefing Session

This session will last up to 4 hours (including the literacy test for those who choose to take this) and will be held during the daytime.

It will provide you with more information on:

  • The Statutory Framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
  • Current legislation.
  • How to prepare for your registration visit.
  • A recap of the options available for training.

If you decide to enrol on the course 'CACHE Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Homebased Childcare (QCF)', delivered by Achieving for Children Workforce Development, you will be required to pass a Literacy Assessment.

This is a hand written assessment and takes about one hour to complete and will be offered at the end of the stage 2 briefing.

3) Mandatory Training

Childminders are required to complete the following training prior to registration:

  • Paediatric First Aid training
  • Training which helps you to understand and implement the EYFS.

Book a place

The Childminding Briefing Sessions are free. It is a requirement that you attend both Stage 1 and Stage 2 in order to register as a childminder.

You can book a place on the sessions using our online form where you will find the next briefing dates.

Once you have submitted this form you will receive a reference number and your details will be logged on our system.

Briefing sessions are held at either:

  • Twickenham Training centre, 53 Grimwood Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BY - there is no parking in Grimwood Road
  • King Charles Centre, Hollyfield Road, Surbiton, KT5 9AL

It is not practical for babies and children to attend the sessions.

Contact details

If you have any queries about becoming a childminder, please contact:

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Updated: 24 July 2018