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Muslim burials

Chapel services suspended

Chapel services are suspended until ongoing health and safety risk reviews are concluded. You can continue to book graveside services.

If you are arranging a funeral for a person of Muslim faith, you can choose a Muslim burial area in un-consecrated ground. We ensure the body is placed so the head is facing Qibla.

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We have a marker at the cemetery with an arrow pointing towards Qibla, showing the direction in which the graves are aligned.

The following options are available:

  • The burials can take place in a shroud or a coffin.
  • Each grave can be prepared for more than one body, if required.
  • Women cemetery staff can cover their heads if in attendance upon request.
  • Families can put the soil back in the grave themselves (known as backfilling).
  • As the graves are on a traditional type section, the grave can be mounded.
  • Families can have a headstone or headstone and kerb memorial.
  • The cemetery staff offer to meet with all families so individual needs and requests can be met when possible.

Fees and how to apply

Hire a temporary grave surround

In the interim, you can hire a temporary grave surround(pdf, 73KB).

The frame can be placed on the grave approximately two months after the burial has taken place and can remain on the grave for subsequent years at a reduced fee. The Cemetery Office will advise you on the cost of this at the time of your enquiry. You may prefer to provide your own surrounds although it should be no larger than 6’6 long x 2’6 wide and made of a sturdy material.

Updated: 02 March 2021

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