Work in the community

Trading Standards wants to make sure that services are available to all sections of the community in the borough.

In order to become more accessible we are willing to bring our service to the community and individuals rather than expecting you to come to us.

We have planned a series of "outreach sessions" and "outreach displays" which move around the borough.

Outreach sessions

These consist of a manned static display for one day. You will be able to pick up information leaflets, see how we work and talk to a member of our Trading Standards Team.

Outreach displays

A week's static display. You will be able to pick up information leaflets, obtain full contact details and see how we work.

In addition, we liaise with a number of community leaders giving them information and assistance which they can pass on to their group. We have developed a community leader information pack. If you are a community leader and want help in this way contact Trading Standards on 020 8487 5487 for your free pack.


Find out how to make a trading standards enquiry.

Updated: 20 November 2017