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Establishing a Home Authority Relationship with Environmental Health or Trading Standards

The Home Authority principle creates partnerships between local authorities and organisations which trade on a regional, national or international level.

The principle enables one local authority to take a lead in liaising with that organisation rather than having several local authorities advising the organisation.

How to establish a Home Authority Relationship

This benefits both the organisation and local authorities by eliminating duplication of effort. If you want further information about the principle or wish to request we implement such a relationship, contact us.

The Home Authority will:

  • Maintain close links with the organisation
  • Undertake to be the focus of providing information to the organisation
  • Keep records of procedures, processes, products etc
  • Check advertising, quality systems, hazard analysis, product as agreed
  • Liaise between the organisation and other authorities

The principle is one which is supported enthusiastically by this service in Richmond.  If you think your business is one which would benefit from such an arrangement then contact us so the matter can be discussed and developed.

If your business operates in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and you trade on a wider basis; regionally nationally or perhaps internationally then it will probably be of benefit to you if we establish a "home authority" relationship with you.


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Updated: 28 February 2018