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A licence is required to place a skip on a public road or highway.

Please ensure you read our full set of Terms and Conditions(pdf, 37KB) that need to be adhered to.

Our Street Scene Enforcement Team and Highways Team carry out daily checks on skips within the Richmond Borough.

In summary, the skip must:

  • Be licensed - the skip company must have been granted a valid skip licence which they must be in receipt of before any skip is deposited on the highway. Licensing all skips in the Borough ensures that the proposed location for the skip is safe and there is also the need to regulate the number of skips in the road at any one time.
  • Have reflectors/be visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Be properly and correctly marked - all skips must be clearly marked with the skip company’s current name and contact telephone number.
  • Not be overfull - skips must not be overloaded and should only contain a level load.
  • Be lit after dark - skips must be adequately lit to make them clearly visible to pedestrians and drivers and to prevent accidents.

Any skips deposited on the highway without a valid licence, adequate reflectors, not clearly marked, overfull and not properly lit after dark may lead to our street scene enforcement team issuing warnings or legal proceedings against the person responsible as well as the skip being removed by the council.

Updated: 04 October 2022

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