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Licence summary

An occasional sale is a sale including five or more stalls, vehicles or pitches, where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell things. Types of sales known as "Car Boot Sales" will usually fall within this definition.

Eligibility criteria

Sales held in car parks are included but those held inside buildings or on a highway are excluded from the definition and do not have to be licensed as occasional sales. The following are other examples of sales that are excluded from the definition of "occasional sales":

  • a market or fair given legal right to be held;
  • an auction for farm livestock;
  • any class of sales which we have exempted;
  • a market granted planning permission under the Town and Community Planning Act 1990;
  • a market which has operated continually since 1 July 1948.

If you are holding a sale which is not covered by one of these exemptions, you must apply for a licence, unless the proceeds of the sale are used solely or principally for charitable, social, sporting, religious or political purposes.

Regulation summary

The London Local Authorities Act 1996 Part III

How to apply

Please read our guidance notes for applicants (pdf, 111 KB)

Apply by post

Please download and complete the application form (pdf, 98 KB) and enclose the appropriate fee. If you wish to pay by credit card please telephone the licensing department. 

Apply online

Will tacit consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that we evaluate your application before granting the licence. Application must be received no later than 42 days before you intend to hold you sale. If we refuse your application or attach special conditions on your licence, we will notify you in writing of our reasons and we will also send you details of your right to appeal a decision. All successful applications will be subject to our standard conditions(pdf, 20KB).

Contact the Licensing Team

If you have any questions or comments please contact Licensing:

Regulatory Services Partnership
Merton Civic Centre
London Road

Telephone: 020 8545 3969

Updated: 04 October 2022

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