Review of a premises licence or club premises certificate

A powerful regulatory tool in the hands of interested parties and responsible authorities is the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate. Primarily for use when other means of dealing with problems from licensed premises have failed, a review may be the way to resolve matters. See sections below for details.

Interested parties

The Licensing Act 2003 defines interested parties as:

  • A person living in the vicinity of the premises
  • A body representing persons who live in that vicinity
  • A person involved in a business in that vicinity
  • A body representing persons involved in such businesses

Calling for a review of an existing licence

The Licensing Act 2003 includes the ability for a local resident, a local business or a responsible authority to call a review of an existing licence or certificate. However, any application to have a premises licence or a certificate reviewed must clearly show how the operation of the premises has not promoted, or worked against, one or more of the Licensing Objectives.

The Licensing Objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

Once an application for a review has been received and accepted by the Licensing Authority it must be advertised. To advertise the application for review the Licensing Authority will place a notice, of A4 size or larger, on, at or near the premises which is subject to the application.

A copy of the advertisement will also be displayed at the Licensing Authority's office at Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ.

We advertise copies of licensing review notices on this page.

Local residents and responsible authorities may also make representations relating to the premises subject to review within 28 consecutive days of the original application being made.

Following the 28 consecutive day period the application for review will be put before the Licensing Sub-Committee unless all parties involved reach agreement about the future operation of the premises and the Licensing Authority agrees a hearing is no longer necessary.

Any interested party or responsible authority making the initial application for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate must serve notice of the application on the Licensing Authority, the holder of the licence or certificate and each of the responsible authorities.

Current review notices

  • None at present

If a hearing is required

If a hearing is necessary the Licensing Sub-Committee may do one of the following:

  • Decide that no action is necessary to promote the licensing objectives.
  • Modify or add conditions to the licence.
  • Exclude a licensable activity from the licence.
  • Remove the designated premises supervisor.
  • Suspend the licence for a period (not exceeding 3 months).
  • Revoke the licence.

More information

For detailed guidance and a statutory application form for interested parties and responsible authorities, please see the GOV.UK website.

If applying for a review, please download guidance for interested parties applying for a review(pdf, 94KB).

Updated: 30 August 2017