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Apprenticeship Grants for Employers (AGE)

Employer Incentive: AGE 16 to 24

Taking on apprentices can improve the bottom line of your business and boost your productivity and competitiveness. It can also fill in gaps in skills and provide skilled workers for the future, while lowering your recruitment and training costs.

A national grant scheme for companies with up to 1000 employees will assist them in recruiting their first ever or first in the last 12 months apprentice aged 16 to 24. The AGE scheme will continue until January 2014.

The grant is available on a first come first served basis to eligible employers. While most of them are expected to recruit one apprentice, up to 10 grants can be paid to one employer, subject to the employer’s upfront commitment to the total number of apprentices to take on.

Large employers (more than 1000 employees) are not eligible for support through this incentive, but small and medium-sized companies within their supply chain are encouraged to use the grant.

The money will be paid as one payment which will be processed following the apprentice completing 13 weeks of their Apprenticeship programme. Payments will be processed by quality assured training providers.

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Contact local training providers:

LBRuT Way to Work

Contact: Mary Castledine
Telephone: 020 8487 5383

Richmond upon Thames College

Contact: Barbara Plimsaul
Telephone: 020 8607 8368

Hawk Training

Contact: Laura Gard
Tel: 020 8891 0992

Updated: 08 July 2016

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