Pixter&Bro was created to offer high quality, comfortable and colourful socks with beautiful designs and affordable prices. Their socks are 80% cotton, seamless and scented! We are excited to introduce our brand to Richmond Card holders. We are confident you will love our socks which combine unique street style and ultra-comfort with a surprising scent and of course, a pleasing price. Fly with colours and happy shopping! Please follow us on Instagram: pixterandbro.uk


1A Kings Farm Avenue
TW10 5AE


Website: www.pixterandbro.co.uk

Email: info@pixterandbro.co.uk


  • 15% off socks, ties, bowties, scarves and braces at Pixter&Bro when you spend over 30 pounds.

    Pixter&Bro are glad to offer all Richmond card holders 15% off their high quality, colourful and unique fashion accessories. Check out the collection on www.pixterandbro.co.uk Cotton rich, seamless, scented and colourful socks Handmade knitted ties and bowties. Super soft and double faced scarves Adjustable braces are finished off with real leather and polished silver-hued metal details. Please use promo code: RICH15 to redeem your discount. Free delivery for orders over 20 pounds

    Added: A week ago Valid until: 31/12/2020

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