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Handserenity Holistic Health was set up to inspire people to live positively in the present moment without fear, doubt or anxiety through Reiki Treatments, Workshops, Courses, Angel Tarot Readings & selling healing Crystals. Run by Emma Hands IPHM who has been on a spiritual path for 20 years, is very intuitive, empathetic and sensitive spiritual teacher that loves helping others with self-development, healing and teaching how our thoughts manifest our world.


Flat 4 Henrietta Court 263 Richmond Road


Website: www.handserenity.com

Twitter: @handserenity

Email: emma@handserenity.com


  • £5 OFF Angel Tarot Readings

    Angel cards are gentle tarot and the reading allows you to see your current path and recognise what you need to alter in your life to get to where you want to be. Angel reading can be a great form of counselling and can help you to resolve issues concerning relationships, life purpose, finances and so on. Sessions in East Twickenham, by Marble Hill Park, call 07949089265 or email emma@handserenity.com.

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  • £15 OFF Home or Office Energy Cleansing

    House Energy Cleansing is excellent when you; move to a new place, de-order your home, buy new things or when making a fresh start after changes in circumstances or relationships. Also, when you are feeling sluggish, negative, stuck and, in extremes, depressed and after a series of negative events and you want to press the ‘restart’ button. We take on energy from others all the time and this is then transported into our space, the energies stick to everything, hence why we de-clutter shelves, cupboards, basements, garages, everything, on a regular basis. These stagnant energies have detrimental effects on our mental and physical state, overall wellbeing and success levels. To BOOK call 07949089265 or emma@handserenity.com, more info: www.handserenity.com/house-cleansing

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  • £10 OFF your 1st Reiki Session for Men, Women, Children or Your Pets.

    Based in East Twickenham, Reiki ignites the immune system and our own ability to heal, it works by subtly changing the flow of energy through and within the body. Treatments bring your body back into equilibrium, relieving stress, anxiety & depression; easing pain; aiding relaxation and strengthening overall health. Blockages and toxins accumulate overtime due to the complexities of life and negative 'learned' behaviours and thought patterns that can lead to illness & disease, unless cleansed regularly, so book your appointment TODAY! Sessions help with: Fertility, pre and post birth; learning difficulties, such as the Big 'C', Parkinson's, MS, ADHD, Migraines, Sciatica, Arthritis, Eating Disorders, Tinnitus, Asthma, Menopause, Allergies, Insomnia & much more. Call 07949089265 0r email emma@handserenity.com, lots more info here: emma@handserenity.com.

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  • £10 off Reiki Treatments & Angel Tarot Readings (expired)

    SAVE £10 this November on Reiki or Angel Tarot Readings in East Twickenham (opp Marble Hill Park!). Open 7am-11pm, email emma@handserenity.com or call 07949089265 to book. I intuitively build crystal grids to use with the energy healing sessions & love helping others to heal. www.handserenity.com.

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  • Unique Christmas Gifts & SAVE £20! (expired)

    Purchase x 3 Reiki Vouchers for £150 this festive season & save £20! Gift Cards last for 12 months, are redeemable in East Twickenham or at your home (especially if you wish one card to be for your pets, treatments are best conducted in their homes). Call 07949089265 or email emma@handserenity.com & I can send you a special payment link via Paypal (all credit & debit cards accepted). Happy Holidays Emma www.handserenity.com

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  • 10% off Your First Reiki Treatment (expired)

    ​​Reiki Energy Healing stimulates & ignites the immune system and our own ability to heal, greatly improving our health. Sessions help with many diseases & learning difficulties, such as the Big 'C', Parkinson's, MS, ADHD, migraines, Sciatica, arthritis, eating disorders, tinnitus, asthma, menopause, allergies, insomnia & much more. I am on a mission to help people eradicate dis-ease from their lives, the mind is a powerful tool & removing negative emotional blockages leads to significant changes. Reiki is practiced at hospitals & treatment centres throughout the world, such as Great Ormond St & Macmillan Centres. For more information on how Reiki can help you: see Handserenity.com.​​ My Reiki Room is based in East Twickenham or Home Visits can be arranged (+£5 a session).​​​ Emma 07949089265.

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Updated: 13 Apr 2017