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I imagine a world where we understand and openly embrace mental health in our lives, because the relationship with our mental health determines the quality of our lives and those of others. For years I have dedicated every day of my life to understand and improve people’s psychological health and wellbeing. Let’s take on this task for you together. I am a Clinical Psychologist specialising in adult mental health and couples therapy. I specialise in assisting people to overcome difficulties, to work towards optimal personal effectiveness, and to improve their overall quality of life. I am particularly interested in difficulties that stem from relationships (with self or others), work or studies. Always evidence-based, I develop therapeutic plans tailored around your personal circumstances. Together we work in a relaxed friendly atmosphere for either short- or long- term therapeutic sessions. Your contribution will guarantee an adventurous and rewarding journey through the world of thoughts, emotions and behaviour. To date, for my services I was honoured with the Mental Health Psychologist of the Year 2016 award by Medical LiveWire and the Mental Health Psychologist of the Year 2017 UK & Best CBT Practice UK by the Global Health and Pharma Magazine Awards.



Twitter: @DrPatapia



  • Free - Mental health and study skills support for students, pupils and young people during coronavirus

    Over the years a number of video techniques have been developed as part of a commercial opportunity ( aiming to increase students' resilience and improve their experience at university. These videos have now been released for free in order to support students, pupils and young people in general during coronavirus.

    Added: 2 days ago Valid until: 26/08/2020

  • 20 minutes free consultation with a clinical psychologist

    Are you seeking a psychologist to talk about a personal matter or know someone who is? My Psychology Clinic offers a free 20 minute consultation. Visit or call 07879295667 and claim your free consultation now!

    Added: 2 days ago Valid until: 28/01/2021

  • From a mum-to-mums service - Psychological sessions & Creche! 20% off

    My Psychology Clinic acknowledges the difficulties that mothers go through and the barriers to seeking psychological help, therefore we are offering face-to-face sessions for mothers who want to work with a psychologist while your baby, toddler, or older child has fun at our crèche! 20% discount on the therapy session and free use of our crèche for Richmond card holder only. Call 07879295667 to book your session now!

    Added: 2 days ago Valid until: 28/01/2021

  • CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - 80% off a group workshop run by a clinical psychologist to learn the simplest quick thing you can do every day to be happier and enter 2020 with a whole new purpose! (expired)

    My Psychology Clinic is excited to offer two exclusive 30 minute workshops for up to 5 people before Christmas. People don’t grow without reflection but growing plays a big part in our happiness and indeed in our mental health. This is why we invite you to come to our casual workshops where like-minded people would learn how to cultivate gratefulness, methodically track and analyse their day, prime their minds to think and act differently and figure out which activities or behaviours are effective and thus worth keeping and which ones aren’t and thus need to be dropped. Refreshments will be provided. Do join us! Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    Added: 4 months ago Valid until: 31/12/2019

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