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LumniCleanse provides a range of products designed to keep spaces and people safe, maintain clean operations and preserve client and employee trust. We offer affordable floor to ceiling solutions which include UVC disinfection, face recognition and keycard entry technology. UVC is being increasingly used and people are becoming more aware of its uses and benefits even though it has been around since the late1800s where it was used to kill microorganisms that cause indoor air quality problems (bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast). Where it was once mainly the concern of and used within the health sector and food production, it is now possible for it to be used in an increasing number of locations and applications. When used correctly, it is a fast, effective and consistent way to disinfect areas, particularly where there is a high volume of footfall and hand contact areas. With its powerful germicidal properties it effectively inactivates viruses, bacteria, mold and all other germs in the air, on surfaces and objects. Wherever the light rays can reach the disinfection takes place. Our aim is to be able to be involved with technology advancements in the future and adapt to the changes in business requirements and needs of the market. We provide UVC Robots, Sanitisation Stands (with hygiene and security checks and also offer promotional message platforms), UVC Box cabinets and an LED UVC Hybrid light system which can be used with current electric systems in place. All areas, from the minute you enter a room to when you leave can be made safe and clean. By maintaining clean operations and preserving client and employee trust, you are showing that you care. This in turn will help reduce unnecessary illnesses and will ultimately reward you with increased productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace and schools. Ultimately improve health scenarios all round. LumniCleanse have the solutions for all businesses under the same roof. Here to help and happy to discuss arranging the best and most affordable solutions for your business.


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    LumniCleanse provides affordable floor to ceiling disinfection solutions. We want to reach out and help local businesses by offering this exclusive discount to Richmond Card holders.Get £3000 off our UVC Robot and 25% off all of our other products (UVC Box cabinets, LED UVC Hybrid lights and our 4 models of handsfree Sanitisation Stands with additional advanced features).

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