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Report a missed collection

Use this form to report a missed recycling or household waste collection.

Before you start

Make sure:

  • Your waste and recycling was placed in the correct location/container/sack by 6am
  • There isn't a tag on your waste or recycling to tell you why it was not collected
  • It's after 4pm on the day of the collection or the rest of the street has been collected
  • You know the correct collection day for your property
  • You have read all the guidance for:

Missed collections can only be reported within two working days of the collection date.

Yellow tag - garden waste

If there is a yellow tag on your garden bin then you should check the guidance about why your garden bin was not collected, and should not report a missed collection.

What happens next

Once reported we will return to your property and collect the missed items within two working days.

If you have an on-going problem with collections at your property please let us know.

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Updated: 22 February 2024

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