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All clean plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can be recycled in your black box or recycling bank for mixed containers as long as they did not contain pesticides or motor oil. 

We can't accept any other plastics for recycling but plastic carrier bags and packaging films bearing the 'recycle with carrier bags at larger stores' logo can be recycled at most supermarkets. Find supermarkets near you with soft plastic recycling points.

What to recycle

Please rinse and squash plastic bottles before recycling them. This saves room in your recycling box and on the collection lorries. Screwing tops back on afterwards will stop them from returning to their original shape.

Plastics and similar items which we can and cannot recycle
We can recycle We can't recycle
Plastic household cleaner and detergent bottles Plastic carrier bags or packaging films*
Plastic milk bottles Crisp packets or sweet wrappers
Plastic juice bottles Shrink or bubble wrap
Plastic soft drink and water bottles Plastic toys
Plastic shampoo/shower gel bottles Polystyrene/styrofoam trays, beads or packaging
Plastic food trays CDs/DVDs or cases
Plastic yoghurt pots Cable ties
Plastic margarine and ice-cream tubs Garden pots
       Plastic cups or coffee pods

Find out how and where to recycle plastic bags and other soft plastic wrapping/films.

Find out more

Get tips on using less plastic.

This Recycle Now video shows what happens to plastics that have been recycled.

For further information about plastic recycling, see the Recycle Now website

Updated: 29 November 2023

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