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People's Network computers and Wi-Fi

As part of the People's Network we have more than 150 computers available for public use in all Richmond Borough libraries.

Free Wi-Fi is available at every library.

Public computers

In order to maintain social distancing between PC users there are currently a reduced number of PCs available in libraries.
Staff are happy to take your bookings, but online booking is now available again from our PC Booking site.

About the network

Key features of the network are:

  • Public computers are free to use!
  • All computers have Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access), image-editing programmes and web browsers
  • All PCs have multiple USB ports and every library has a scanner
  • Accessibility equipment and software are available at each library:
    • SuperNova Reader Magnifier is a screen magnifier, which provides visual highlighting and natural voices for reading documents. It is ideal for people with partial or fluctuating sight who require optional speech to read longer documents
    • The following devices are also available for use with any PC:
      • Headphones
      • Trackball mice, which may help you if you have mobility issues
      • Upper case keyboards, which may help you if you have some sight loss
      • Lower case keyboards, which may be helpful if you are not yet familiar with the upper case keyboard

You may use computers on our public network for a maximum of 2 hours per day - this is a borough-wide limit.

You are allowed up to four sessions per day and the maximum session length is one hour.

Library members can log in to any of the public computers in Richmond Borough libraries by using their Richmond Card and their 4-digit PIN. If you are not yet a library member you can still use a PC but you will need to speak to a member of staff about obtaining temporary membership.

Wi-Fi Network

Free filtered Wi-Fi is available in all Richmond upon Thames libraries. Just ask for the password when next you visit a library.

Our Children’s Wi-Fi network is open to anyone with a London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Unified Sign On (USO). USOs are issued by individual schools on the LGfL network to their pupils, staff, parents and governors. Using a USO in our libraries will pick up the filtering in use by the home institution.

Updated: 02 September 2021

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