Giving Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership at Richmond Register Office

Please note that Richmond upon Thames Register Office operates an appointment system for notices and you must book an appointment before attending.

It is a legal requirement that each party in a proposed marriage or civil partnership gives their notice prior to the ceremony / formation taking place. 

Book an appointment to give notice

Before you give notice

  • Before either of you can give notice, it is a legal requirement that you must each have lived in a registration district in England or Wales for at least seven full days (eight nights), immediately before giving notice. 
  • You must both give notice in person and produce documents and give personal information to the registrar about yourself and your partner in order for the legal notice to be completed. Please see ‘Documents needed to give notice’.
  • The statutory fee for giving notice must be paid by each person when attending the appointment. Additional fees will be charged if one or both parties are submitting a foreign divorce for consideration.
  • You must have decided the venue where your ceremony will take place. Your notices are valid only for the venue shown: if you change your mind about where your ceremony will take place after you have completed your notices, you will have to give fresh notices stating the new venue and pay the statutory fees again.
  • The law requires notice to be given in the district where you live, unless either of you is a foreign national subject to immigration control in which case notice must be given together at a  designated register office.
  • Notice can be given up to a year in advance of the ceremony date.
  • If you do not speak or understand English, please bring someone who can translate for you.

If you are being married in a Church of England or Church of Wales Church

If you are being married in a Church of England or Church of Wales church, the legal preliminaries will usually be in the form of Banns. If one or both of you is a foreign national you will need to complete civil preliminaries at a designated register office. 

If you are being married in any other religious building or church other than the Church of England, you will have to give notice at a Register Office.

Documents needed to give notice

Please note that all documents must be originals – photocopies will not be acceptable, and if any documents are in a foreign language you must provide a translated copy. Notice cannot be taken if you cannot produce your documents.

Evidence of the venue where ceremony will take place

If you are being married or entering into a civil partnership in a venue/church outside London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, you must produce either:

  • The booking confirmation from the local register office showing the correct details of the place of marriage/civil partnership
  • The official name of the church, together with its unique registration number. Your priest or minister will be able to tell you this information, and whether you will need a registrar from the local office to attend the service to register your marriage. Please be aware that the notice will include a legal statement confirming that the church or building is your usual place of worship – your priest or minister would normally provide a letter to confirm that either or both of you are in regular attendance.

This is so that we can ensure the correct details for the place of marriage / civil partnership are entered onto the notice, in order to ensure that your ceremony can proceed as planned.

If the details that are shown for your venue are not correct, you would need to give fresh notices, and pay the statutory fees again. Therefore, we will not take your notice unless you are able to produce written confirmation of your booking.

After you have given notice

Find out what happens after you have given notice.


Updated: 31 January 2020