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What are others in the community doing?

There are a number of local organisations and businesses working to tackle the threat of climate change.

Climate and sustainability expertise

We are working to improve our network knowledge and capability sharing within the borough in providing solutions around our climate emergency, long-term sustainability, and resilience.

If you are a local sustainability expert who would be interested in sharing your expertise with local community groups, residents, or businesses we’d love to hear from you.

We are particularly looking for professionals in sustainability, renewable energy, building retrofit, and climate adaptation.

You may be interested in offering your time, expertise, publications, or services via talks, consultancy, events or collaborations to residents, community groups, charities, schools, or businesses.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise, please get in touch via

Community Energy

Community Energy projects are energy projects that are owned and run by local people, and which have a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy reduction. They are usually set up as a way of tackling climate change, fuel poverty, and inequality.

Often there are additional benefits, such as providing education, training, and employment opportunities, promoting awareness of climate change and community cohesion, and providing residents with more green spaces, greater biodiversity, and better health and wellbeing.

Projects in the borough

Here are two examples of projects that are happening in the borough:

Community-led energy organisation Energy Garden have partnered with the Kew Society, Transport for London, and Kew Gardens to create an energy garden at Kew Gardens Station. Energy Garden also oversee community-owned solar rooftop projects and offer education programmes on renewable energy for children and young people across London.

Local charity Habitats & Heritage have partnered with CREW Energy to create the South West London Energy Advice Partnership to give energy-saving advice to vulnerable people across Richmond. Habitats & Heritage have also provided advice to Richmond community buildings and schools about how to be more energy efficient.

Find out more about Community Energy

To find out more about Community Energy organisations in Richmond borough, visit:

To find out more about Community Energy more generally, visit:

Join a local group

There are a large number of local environmental groups and organisations across the borough that you can join. They include the below.

Local environmental organisations

Food/reuse groups

'Friends of...' groups

Litter/tidy borough groups

Hear from local businesses

Hear from local businesses about how they are tackling engine idling and helping to reduce plastic waste.

Rugby Football Union (RFU)

Richmond upon Thames College  (RuTC)

The Bingham Hotel 

Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College (RHACC) 



Brilliant Nannies

C Goode Pharmacy

If you would like to discuss a video to showcase what your business is doing, please email:

Updated: 12 December 2023

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