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Get involved in Clean Air Day activities

14 June 2023

To mark Clean Air Day on Thursday 15 June, activities will be taking place across the borough to help residents understand and act on air pollution, including a pop-up information stall at Richmond Station.

This year’s theme is ‘Clean up our air to look after your mind’, focusing on how cleaning up our air not only benefits our physical health and the environment, but can also protect our mental and brain health. This will be taking place during Richmond’s Great Big Green Week (10-18 June), a series of community events throughout the borough promoting positive behaviours around climate change and sustainability in the borough.

A thriving borough is only possible if our environmental wellbeing is supported. When polluted air is breathed, it can inflame the lining of the lungs and move into the bloodstream, affecting every organ in the body. This can lead to serious sometimes preventable illnesses like lung disease, heart disease, dementia and strokes. 

We are encouraging everyone to take action to help reduce harmful emissions in our environment, and this year’s pop up outside Richmond Station will provide residents with resources on air quality in our borough and simple habit changes that can support improvement.

This will include the variety of active travel options available locally, such as the cargo bike hire scheme and e-cargo bikes for businesses. On Clean Air Day there will also be a free e-cargo taxi service from Richmond station for passengers travelling locally.

The Dr Bike mobile bicycle repair and maintenance service will also be available for basic checks to make sure your bike is running as smoothly as possible, so you can cycle safely.

Learn more about Clean Air Day and how you can take part.

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Updated: 14 June 2023

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