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Youth Out Loud! are here to support young people throughout the coronavirus crisis

Authors: Sara Rossi (Youth Out Loud! Coordinator)
               Abi Fisher (Youth Out Loud! member)

If you are a young person, coronavirus and the changes it has created can be scary. You may not feel in control over what is happening, but it is now more important than ever to look after yourself.

We are Youth Out Loud! (YOL!), a group of young people aged 13-17 from Richmond & Kingston, who are helping to improve NHS care and the wellbeing of young people. We have put together a “Teenager’s Guide to coronavirus” that helps you understand the Government’s guidelines and separate rumours or fake news from reality.

Coronavirus and Teens

YOL! are also collecting young people’s experiences of lockdown through our Health & Wellbeing Survey. Out of the 100+ young people who have responded so far almost 40% said their mental health was worse during the lockdown than before. Most worried about family and friend’s health, about their future and suffer the consequences of changes in daily routines. Not seeing friends is particularly difficult for many young people.

If you have not taken this survey, please do, to help us ensure that as Richmond’s health & care services recover from the crisis, they continue to meet your needs. And please share this so that we can hear from as many young people as possible.

Coronavirus and Wellbeing

On the bright side, almost 30% of people who shared their experience have adapted to the pandemic with new habits. People whose exams were cancelled said that they were less anxious and generally experiencing better mental health compared to before lockdown. Some said they found our “Wellbeing for Teens” tips very useful to reduce anxiety and troubling thoughts.

Getting Mental Health Support

YOL! engaged with local services, schools, youth services and clubs to create resources and advice to help you look after your mental health. Find support:

Aged 13-17? Become a YOL! member!

YOL! is looking to build post-pandemic health & care services that work for young people. To make a difference for your community, make new friends and get involved in something different and positive, JOIN US!

Updated: 24 March 2021

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