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Celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine

Community news on behalf of Discover Twickenham | 22 August 2023

In partnership with Discover Twickenham, the Ukrainian Social Club and Prosperity Centre for Humanitarian Aid are hosting an exciting celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine on Sunday 27 August.

Taking place from 12 noon to 5pm at the Civic Centre, Twickenham, the celebrations include live music, an international food market and artisan stalls featuring local crafts and gifts.

There will be musical performances including a DJ set and a concert of Ukrainian folk and jazz music. 

Discover the timeless art of Motanka Doll Crafting with an immersive masterclass led by the talented Iva Repnytska. Guests will explore the rich heritage of Ukrainian Motanka dolls and their captivating symbolism. 

The celebrations will be a chance to engage with Ukrainian culture, with delicious traditional dishes to try and souvenir stalls to admire. 

As part of the event, there will be a charity auction to collect money for Prosperity Humanitarian Hub to fund transportation of humanitarian goods to Ukraine. 

For more information about the celebrations, please visit the Discover Twickenham website.

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Updated: 10 October 2023

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