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Heathrow expansion - key facts about night flights

Currently only a limited number of flights are allowed to take off between 11.30pm and 6am. We have concerns that an expansion could result in an increase in the level of noise at night, which could become intolerable for many more people.

Our view

We believe an increase in the number of permitted night flights would be unacceptable because:

  • More night flights would mean extra noise and less sleep, sleep deprivation being linked to a number of issues affecting both health and the economy
  • As already stated, noise pollution can cause hypertension, stress or ischemic heart disease
  • 16 passenger planes (mostly jumbo jets) already arrive at Heathrow Airport between 4 and 6am.
  • Many thousands of people are already affected by night flights at Heathrow

Pro-expansion view

However, pro-expansion supporters may argue that an increase in night flights from Heathrow will:

  • Result in an economic benefit which outweighs other costs.

Updated: 20 May 2016

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