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Heathrow expansion - our policy

We have a long standing policy of opposition to any increase at Heathrow Airport.

In 2013 nearly 60,000 residents responded to proposals to expand Heathrow, in our Be Heard local referendum.

Cross-party motion

In July 2015 The Leader of Richmond Council and the Leader of the Opposition joined forces to reaffirm our total opposition to controversial proposals to expand Heathrow with a third runway.

The Council unanimously agreed an amendment to the our Corporate Plan, asserting our resistance to the creation of a third runway and any intensification of the airport’s use.

The amendment commits us to:

  • Work with Wandsworth (and other concerned boroughs) to press the Government to reject the flawed Airports Commission report
  • Establish a joint task force with other Councils to support MPs and public representatives in fighting the damaging recommendation for a third runway

The amendment also sets out our intention to take legal action, as and when appropriate.

Leader's statement (Lord True)

“This Council will never accept Runway three, Runway four, Terminal six - or whatever else Heathrow may plan. They will have to abolish this Council to stop our resistance to a third runway. In our referendum on Heathrow, over 100,000 people said NO to expansion. We will represent those people, will fight for those people. We will use every means, within the law to fight this.

The Airports Commission failed to address key concerns, for example; on air quality, noise, transport and security. However, instead they have come back with a report which puts Heathrow’s Chinese, Qatari and other overseas owners before Londoners.

They have a contemptuous view of local people and insulted every council and housing association tenant, saying living in social housing is worse than living with aircraft noise.

“We will now work with London boroughs to campaign against these recommendations and challenge the Prime Minister to keep his promise ‘no ifs, no buts, no third runway."

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Updated: 12 November 2020

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