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Fly-posting is the illegal placement of posters, stickers and advertisement boards that have not been authorised. We are committed to removing fly posters from our streets as part of our aim to make our borough safe, green and clean .

Getting permission to place posters, stickers or advertisements

Email us at to request permission for posters, stickers or advertisement boards within the borough.

Report fly posters

Make an online report


Combating fly-posting

These are some of the steps we're taking to combat fly-posting:

  • We will remove all unauthorised fly posters from property and land for which we are responsible within five working days of notification (unless formal enforcement action is being taken)
  • We will remove or obliterate all offensive fly posters from property and land for which we are responsible within one working day of notification
  • We will take formal enforcement action against identified offenders and prosecute persistent identified offenders

Distribution of free printed matter

To clamp down on an increasing number of promoters, an Order has been introduced, designating specific streets in the borough in which the distribution of free printed matter will be prohibited, without the prior written consent of the Council.

Distribution includes giving out, or making available, printed matter to members of the public. This does not include putting it inside a letter box.

The Order does not place controls on distribution for charitable, political, or religious purposes.

Designated streets by ward

Applying for a licence

If you are interested in handing out flyers in the designated streets you will first need to apply for a licence. As part of the application process you will need to outline how you will tidy up after yourselves.

If you wish to enquire about obtaining a licence to distribute free printed matter, please email

Updated: 22 March 2023

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