Children's Centres

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  1. Barnes Children‘s Centre
    67b Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake , SW14 7HJ
  2. Ham Children‘s Centre
    Ashburnham Road, Ham, TW10 7BG
  3. Heathfield Children‘s Centre
    Powder Mill Lane, Whitton, TW2 6EX
  4. Lowther Primary School
    Stillingfleet Road, Barnes, SW13 9AE
  5. Mortlake Children and Family Centre
    Mullins Path, North Worple Way, Mortlake, SW14 8EZ
  6. Norman Jackson Children‘s Centre
    50 Windmill Road, Hampton Hill, TW12 1QU
  7. Stanley Children and Family Centre
    Strathmore Road, Teddington, TW11 8UH
  8. Tangley Park Children and Family Centre
    1 Bramble Lane, Hampton, TW12 3XB
  9. Windham Croft Centre for Children
    20 Windham Road, Richmond , TW9 2HP

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Updated: 21 Jun 2016