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A Fairer Borough: We are Investing in good local services that protect the most vulnerable and we are committed to a borough that is affordable for all. As set our in our Corporate Plan (pdf, 1.2MB) by 2022 we will:

  • Prioritise pavement improvements based on need
  • Reduce red tape in granting permission for community events
  • Exempt the most hard-pressed households from Council Tax payment
  • Review storage arrangements for homeless households
  • Investigate options for providing grants to low income families to help buy school uniforms
  • Explore options for providing sanitary products free of charge in secondary schools
  • Maximise Council CIL collection
  • Review the Council’s Regulation 123 list which sets out the projects that the Council will fund with CIL
  • Abolish the rule that 51% of households must support a controlled parking zone
  • Develop a new Community Engagement Programme
  • Allow residents to submit questions much closer to the date of Council meetings and receive answers from the relevant Member of the Council
  • Halt Twickenham Riverside and work with residents to deliver a better scheme

The work of the Council in relation to equality is scrutinised by the Equality Scrutiny Stakeholder Group which meets quarterly to review Richmond Council’s activity in relation to equality and diversity. The ESSG is made up of representatives from voluntary and community groups in the borough.

They have an interest in ensuring equality for all, and up to 5 independent critical friends who have specific skills, knowledge and experience relevant to ensure equality for all within the borough. In 2017 the ESSG has had the opportunity to feedback on a number of EINAs, including the Community Safety Plan EINA, and discuss equality with officers, for example the AfC Annual Equality Report.

Service user profile equality monitoring information

We will publish further service user profile equality monitoring information and analysis throughout 2018. Our EINAs also use service user profile data to assess impact.

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