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Achieving our vision

Culture Richmond will be flexible and respond to the needs of our borough and people over the course of the next ten years.   

Our arts, library, parks and sport & fitness services recognise a need to more closely align culture with wider Council priorities. We will work with other services and providers to build a more robust delivery model for culture which will support the Council in maintaining financial stability and offer better value for money.

Collaboration will be central to this – our relationship with partners and the local community is invaluable and instrumental to Richmond’s success and we will continue to work in partnership over the next decade to deliver Culture Richmond and achieve our goals.

Monitoring progress

This is how we will monitor the progress of Culture Richmond and ensure our vision remains relevant, open and transparent:

  • The Head of Culture, along with officers from all four cultural services will work with statutory services to oversee the delivery of Culture Richmond.
  • Action plans outlining how each of our cultural services will contribute to the vision and priorities will be produced within the first year of Culture Richmond.
  • A representative group of 'critical friends’, including from local cultural organisations, businesses and charities will be established to help us review progress and measure success.
  • A methodology for evaluating the impact and success of Culture Richmond will be developed and will include equality impact monitoring and formal review points after the first year and then again at years 3, 5 & 8.
  • Additional working groups to support specific priorities and actions will be established where appropriate.

Next steps

  • Culture Richmond is now live!
  • Please check back here for news and opportunities to be involved

Updated: 11 October 2021

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