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Health and Wellbeing Board

Richmond's Health and Wellbeing Board is a local partnership which brings together key leaders from the Council, local GPs, the Integrated Care Board (responsible for commissioning and overseeing health services) and the voluntary sector. Closer working between us and local health professionals creates a great opportunity to improve the lives of our residents and promote a healthier borough.

Purpose and principles

The Board was set up as part of the Government's 2012 reorganisation of the health service, with the primary goal of improving the health outcomes and quality of life for individuals by coordinating services, pooling resources, and promoting integrated approaches to healthcare delivery.

The Board aims to improve health and wellbeing for local people and address health inequalities by: 

  • Providing strategic leadership for the local health and care system and improving the commissioning and delivery of services across the NHS, local government and its partners
  • Initiating and encouraging the integrated delivery of health, social care and other services with health-related responsibilities/outcomes (e.g., housing, leisure, planning, community activity, etc).
  • Work collaboratively with the Richmond Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and the Richmond Place Committee, including sharing priorities, progress and assurance where agreed.
  • Provide a key forum for public and joint accountability of NHS, public health, social care for adults and children and other commissioned services that the Board agrees are related to health and wellbeing.

It will achieve these by following these principles:

  • Building from the bottom up 
  • Following the principles of subsidiarity 
  • Having clear governance 
  • Avoiding duplication of existing governance mechanisms

Read the Board's Terms of Reference.

Meeting dates and venue

View dates for upcoming and previous Health and Wellbeing Board meetings.

They typically take place at York House, Twickenham.

Committee members

Find out about current committee members of the Health and Wellbeing Board.


The following organisations work in partnership with the Health and Wellbeing Board:

Get involved

You are welcome to watch Health and Wellbeing Board meetings live or online, and can also ask questions. Find out how to take part.

Plans and strategies

The Health and Wellbeing Board produces several plans and strategies setting out its work to improve our residents’ health and wellbeing. View Health and Wellbeing Board plans and strategies.


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Updated: 21 May 2024

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