To ensure Council Tax payers' funds are used correctly, the Internal Audit and Investigations Service (IAIS) has access to all Council property and can inspect all records and correspondence.

Audit committee meetings

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What do we audit?

We audit all the major financial systems every year due to their importance to the Council’s overall business. Other areas are audited on a rolling basis depending on their level of risk. We also audit areas where there are new systems developments or processes.

In addition, we review areas where there are legislative changes to the Council’s functions. This helps ensure the Council is meeting statutory requirements.

We review compliance against legislative requirements and Council procedures including Financial Regulations, Contract Standing Orders, Procurement Code of Practice and the Code of Practice for the Engagement of Consultants.

Financial regulations

Council departments use many systems and procedures relating to the control of the Council’s assets, including purchasing, costing and management systems.

Our Financial Regulations(pdf, 153KB) explain how we ensure that these are sound and well administered, with errors detected promptly.

Contract Standing Orders

The Contract Standing Orders set out our framework for procuring goods, works and services. They are an essential set of rules to ensure we obtain good value for money, and that public money is properly spent and accounted for.

The Contract Standing Orders are contained within part 4 of the Council Constitution.

Find out more about procurement.

Audit letters

Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd publishes audit letters for local authorities.

Read our audit letters

Updated: 23 March 2018