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Hybrid Q&A - April 2023

The Leader of Richmond Council was joined by the chairs of the Council's decision making committees.

The event has now passed. If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch back the recording.

The video is time stamped so you can easily find the topic you are interested in. The questions covered and the times are also listed below.

There were a number of questions that were not answered in the meeting. Read the Community Conversation Q&A for the answers to those questions.

Questions and timestamps

A list of questions that were covered at the event:

  • What is the timing/process for issuing PCNs – is the Council considering digital (emails/texts) to prevent issues caused by delays in post? - 00:05:50
  • What is being done to tackle flooding/sewage – how can we help e.g. Paved over driveways, greenery. Would you consider a volunteer "Weather Warden" network? - 00:10:40
  • Does the Council set the rules for school acceptance? Accepting siblings of existing pupils – ends up with lots of families travelling from out of borough - 00:21:16
  • As Richmond Council is working with Wandsworth, how is it that the latter is not increasing its council tax at all, whereas Richmond's Council Tax is rising? - 00:27:43
  • What is being done about litter in the borough – both litter in public spaces and items left by collections crews, also bins types and issues with foxes? - 00:30:10
  • What does the council do about people who pave over their front gardens and then drive over the pavement illegally to park there? - 00:43:55
  • What's happening on the future of high streets? What's being done about Richmond Town Centre and protecting small businesses from being taken over by big companies? - 00:49:00
  • Why have so many yellow lines been suddenly painted in Stanley Gardens Road and surrounding areas, without due consideration or consultation with residents? - 00:58:33
  • What can be done to prevent flats in new developments being sold to people who do not intend to live in them or become part of the local community? - 01:17:10
  • Is additional street seating being put in place for people to rest in what is forecast to be another hot summer? - 01:22:30
  • What gives you confidence that affordable housing will be delivered? Also, what is being done to address the shortage of social housing? - 01:29:20
  • Would you consider introducing a mandatory QR code for all temporary roadwork that link to the owners details so residents can quickly access more information? - 01:31:45
  • Would you consider opening, running and maintaining public toilets near to Richmond Riverside, Kew Green/riverside and/or Old Deer Park? - 01:32:40
  • Does the Council consider to add the table tennis amenities to the borough’s parks? There are plenty of space and there are zero of tables at all. - 01:38:09
  • Why does the Council not push back against the GLA element of Council Tax? - 01:42:10
  • Why do we bother separating kitchen waste when it is tipped in with general waste on collection day? - 01:44:20
  • Where does recycling go, is any of it sent abroad and are we sure that it does actually get recycled? - 01:49:27
  • Can the council introduce a forum for each area to formulate a 'neighbourhood priority statement' and local opinion can be fed up the chain more effectively? - 01:50:50
  • What are the council’s plans to support the community’s physical and mental health in a holistic manner? - 01:57:05

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