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Under rolling registration, electors can be added, deleted and amended as required each month.

The rolling register usually runs from January to September each year.

Monthly alterations to the Electoral Register

The following tables are the monthly alterations to the Electoral Register since publication of the Register on 1 December 2021.

Notice of alterations to the Register of Electors
Date Changes Deletions Additions Total
January 2022 53 1,025 365 1,443
December 2021 721 318 721 1,760
Running totals 774 1,343 1,086 3,203

Changes are where we have made alterations to the way details are shown on the register, for example:

  • A name or date of birth has been incorrectly recorded
  • Change of name by marriage or by deed poll
  • Change of nationality

Deletions show the number of electors removed from the register because the electors have moved, died or were incorrectly entered onto the register.

Additions show the number of new electors added to the register. This is because they have recently moved to the property or they were already living at the property but for some reason their names were not included.

Monthly electorate total

The monthly electorate total shows the number of registered electors in the Borough each month. This takes into account those electors who have been added and deleted but should not be taken as eligible electorate for a specific election type and date.

Monthly electorate total
Date Electorate total
1 January 2022 139,218
1 December 2021 129,008

Mayoral Petition Notice

We are required by the Local Government Act 2000 to publish the minimum number of signatures of local electors needed to support a valid petition requiring the Council to hold a referendum on whether or not the Borough should have a directly elected Mayor.

This figure, known as the verification number, must be 5% of local government electors. The current verification number is 7,021. This will not change until February 2022.


Registered electors in the borough can petition us to hold a referendum on whether we should change to a different form of governance.

A petition like this needs to be signed by at least 5 per cent of the local government electors in the borough.

Updated: 18 January 2022

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