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Registering and voting as an overseas elector

If you are a British citizen living outside the UK for longer than six months of the year you may be able to register as an 'overseas elector'. This will enable you to vote at Parliamentary elections in the UK. 

Who is eligible

To register as an overseas elector, you must be a British Citizen and meet one of two sets of conditions:


  • Your name was previously on the electoral register for an address in the UK, and
  • There are no more than 15 years between the qualification date of that register and the date on your application to register as an overseas elector


  • You have reached the age of 18 whilst living abroad
  • You were too young to be on an electoral register at the time you left the UK, and
  • A parent or guardian was on that electoral register for the address at which you were living on that date

How to register

  • Visit Register to vote (GOV.UK)
  • for ‘Where do you live?’ select ‘British citizen living in another country (including the Channel Islands or Isle of Man)’

Vote by post or proxy?

When applying to vote as an overseas elector we strongly advise you appoint someone else to vote on your behalf. If you apply to vote by post, it is not likely that the ballot papers will reach you in time. Ballot papers are often not ready to post to electors until 10 days before the election. If you are living overseas you may not receive your ballot papers in time for you to complete and return them to us by 10pm on election day (the deadline for us to receive them).

Please contact for further information.

Updated: 05 March 2020

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