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Digital Richmond

Emerging digital technologies are providing significant new opportunities for public service transformation and efficiencies.

Richmond Council is committed to taking full advantage of these opportunities. We have produced a Digital Strategy that sets out our ambitions:

Read our Digital Strategy

Read our latest annual update onĀ the action plan agreed as part of the strategy.

For the service user

  • The right services delivered in the right way, providing consistently good outcomes and user experiences
  • Greater transparency and openness from their Council
  • A more joined up approach across different Council services
  • Increased access for the excluded

For theĀ organisation

  • Opportunities for efficiency savings, including through flexible and working and technologies for staff
  • Continuously improving and innovating services as we become a digital organisation will break down silos and deliver better outcomes at lower cost
  • Reputational benefits from being an innovator - helping us to attract and retain the best staff

For the community as a whole

  • A more vibrant, digitally enabled and resilient local economy
  • Environmental benefits, including improving air quality by reducing travel and congestion
  • Improved community safety by the smarter use of our data and CCTV

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Updated: 06 October 2022

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