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Leader of the Council

The current Leader of the Council is Councillor Gareth Roberts

How the Leader is chosen

The Leader is nominated by the elected members of the party who has overall control of the Council (currently the Liberal Democrats), and is appointed at a Full Council Meeting.

The Leader’s role

The Council will appoint a Leader annually, who will hold the most significant elected Member role within the Council. The Leader will be the political head of the Council and the focus for policy direction and community development.  The Leader will also be the chief advocate and spokesperson for the whole of the Borough.

The Council will also appoint at its Annual Meeting the Deputy Leader(s), who is/are able to exercise the functions of the Leader when he or she is unavailable.

The Leader also plays an informal role in nominating members of his party to sit on the Council’s various Committees. Membership on the Council’s Committees reflects the balance of political control in the Council.

The Leader chairs the Finance, Policy and Resources Services Committee and answers public and Member questions at Council meetings which are attended by all Councillors.

Outside the Council

The Leader represents the local community in negotiations with local, regional, national and international organisations, and seeks to develop strong relationships with relevant agencies whose activities affect or serve people in Richmond upon Thames.

He also chairs the Richmond upon Thames Partnership.

Updated: 02 December 2022

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