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Bikehangar cycle storage enables more cycling by providing a solution to those who would otherwise be unable to securely store a bicycle.

How they work

Bikehangars are designed to provide a secure on-street cycle parking solution and can only be accessed by a member using a key.

A single bikehangar holds six cycles and is approximately the size of a small car, taking up half a standard sized parking space. Each bikehangar is securely bolted to the curb or pavement.  

Bikehangars are not suitable for large, non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes. 

Availability and cost

All of our existing bikehangars are currently managed by CycleHoop

Spaces cost £72 a year, which covers the maintenance and management of the unit. Bikehangar spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Spaces in new bikehangars are available to rent shortly after installation.

For details on the location and availability of spaces in one of our bikehangars, please visit the CycleHoop website.

Request a bikehangar

We welcome requests from residents to help plan future installations.

Demand for bikehangars is high and we are not currently able to accommodate all requests that we receive. We prioritise locations for new bikehangars based on the numbers of requests we receive.

Due to the number of requests we receive, we do not currently have the capacity to respond on an individual basis but we aim to keep this website up to date.  

Locations must be on Richmond highways only; bikehangars cannot be placed on the TLRN (‘red routes’). For installation enquiries on housing estates or residential blocks please contact your landlord. Privately purchased Bikehangars cannot be placed on public highway. 

Register your interest

Demonstrate support for a Bikehangar and ask your neighbours to submit their interest too.

Applying for a space

Registering your interest for a bikehangar on your street does not count as an application for a space in that bikehangar.

The application process will go live to residents once the bikehangar has been installed and spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Installing cycle storage on private property

We support residents wishing to install cycle storage in front and back gardens, but consideration is needed on whether the design and position of the cycle storage complies with our planning policies.

Residents are recommended to request pre-application advice before purchasing and installing any storage units.

As a minimum, you will need to have to hand the dimensions and material of the proposed cycle storage unit and the dimensions of your front or back garden where it is planned to be installed. In more sensitive locations like conservation areas and listed buildings, further information may be required.

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