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Elections for Mayor of London and London Assembly - Photo ID needed

On Thursday 2 May 2024, Londoners can vote to elect the Mayor of London, 14 members of the London Assembly that represent London’s 14 constituencies, and 11 Assembly Members who will represent the whole of London. 

If you vote in person at the polling station, you will need to show one form of photo ID, but it needs to be the original version and not a photocopy. The name on your ID must be the same name you used to register to vote.

  • Deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 16 April
  • Deadline to register to vote by post is by 5pm Wednesday 17 April
  • Deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate is by 5pm Wednesday 24 April
  • Deadline to register to vote by proxy is by 5pm Wednesday 24 April

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