Stag Brewery redevelopment

The Stag Brewery site in Mortlake is the largest redevelopment area in the borough.


The Council does not own the site but has been aware for a number of years that the site was to be sold, by the previous owners Anheuser-Busch InBev.

To prepare for this, in 2010 the Council committed to working with local people to find out what they wanted from the site and use our influence to get the best result possible from a new development.

The consultation included drop-in sessions and surveys. As a result, a Planning Brief which was adopted as Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), was created. This is a document that provides guidelines on future uses, layout and design for the redevelopment of the site. This Brief was consulted on and adopted in 2011.

In 2015, the site was acquired by Reselton Properties Limited who are developing plans for a mixed development consisting of residential, community, recreational and commercial uses.

Our role

We understands that we must all do our utmost to get the future use of Mortlake Brewery right. Clearly it’s important for local people that they have a well-thought-out site, and we know that issues such as traffic, parking, green space and links to the river are important to the community.

As the plans for the future Brewery site emerge, we, through the planning process, will ensure that all views from the community are heard and considered. When opportunities for public consultation arise – we will encourage you to have your say.

Planning Brief

The adopted Planning Brief sets out a vision based on the desire to provide a new village heart for Mortlake.

Download the Planning Brief(pdf, 2495KB) and supporting maps(pdf, 799KB).

This is based upon buildings and open public realm of the highest quality that will radically transform Mortlake whilst respecting the character and history of the area. The site should provide a new recreational and living quarter with a mix of uses, creating vibrant links between the River and the town. It should enliven the Riverside frontage and Mortlake High Street, fully realising this unique opportunity for the Mortlake community.

Part of the brief is the need for a school on the site. Find out more about plans for a new school in the area.

Updated: 2 March 2017